Are you interested to change the exterior colour of your yacht quicker and cheaper than the usual boat painting?
Vinyl films are increasingly becoming an accepted alternative solution in the for yacht wrapping. Change the colour of your boat’s hull easily. The yacht wrapping isn’t concerned necessarily only the cover of its whole surface but also the cover of specific parts according to your needs. You should keep in mind that concurrently with the changing of your yacht’s colour, its surface is protected from all the damages which are caused by the sea. Thus, the total cost of maintenance is importantly decreased.


Grab the chance and change the interior design of your yacht by giving it your personal style and attitude. Year by year, the internal surfaces are damaged and it’s a priority need to replace them. Specifically, for the covering of your yacht’s interior surfaces, there are specialised films with special effects and different textures such as marble, embossed-wood grain, leather, sequin, silk, chrome, carbon, satin, pearlescent and snakeskin. All the vinyl films can be applied in a variety of surfaces as furniture, tables, fixtures, wall panels, doors, staircases, overhead panels, showers. Our team is capable of wrapping flat surfaces to impossibly compound surfaces.


You will benefit from applying window films to your yacht, for many reasons. The window films react as passive filters for your yacht’s interior and protect it from harmful shafts of the sun. Foiltech provides you only with high-quality window films, which protect you at a rate of 99% from UVA & UVB rays. It’s very important to be mentioned that window films are recommended as a part of the protection of human skin by the Skin Cancer Institute. Also, except of protection, window filming can also give your yacht a different design more aesthetically pleasing.


Yacht’s surfaces can be damaged easily because of their over-exposure to the sun and the seawater. By wrapping your boat with protection films, you protect it from deteriorations and scratches, at the same time you preserve its value and decrease the annual maintenance cost. Protection films are extremely tough wearing, made from urethane vinyl films and have a non-slip surface. Foiltech’s specialised team can apply and replace the protection films easily and very carefully without causing any damages to the initiated surface.


Let your yacht to adopt a unique shine by polishing its exterior surface. Apart from a beautiful aesthetic final result, the polishing of your boat’s outer surface removes oxidation and damage which is caused by its over-exposure to the sun and the seawater. Our trained team uses only high-quality creams for polishing, in order to achieve the ideal professional result for the outer surface of your yacht.

The bio-cleaning is provided by pumping liquid and solid bodies from your yacht’s surfaces and simultaneously by using special devices and cleaners, aiming at the deeper cleaning. The biological cleaning of boats removes bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and for this reason, it is very important not only for your yacht’s cleanliness but also for your health. All the cleaners that we use are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.