Hull Wrapping ~ Absolut 45 HT //

Hull Wrapping ~ Absolut 45 HT //

Hull Wrapping ~ Absolut 45 HT //

At first, the owner of this Absolut 45 chose to wrap his yacht in another company and the result was a huge failure. Unfortunately, they sold him a cheap quality of vinyl films as an expensive high-quality product. Also, the finishings were sloppy and amateurish. So, we undertook to make this yacht wonderful and classy again. Our professionals, replaced with attention the cheap film with a high-quality colour-change film. The colour that our client chose was royal blue. Υou can see in the pictures above our premium wrapping and all the finest finishings.

The project was concluded in Corfu with a duration of 3 days. View more Projects.

In this case, we would like to thank our friend for believing us and giving us his passion to refresh it.

Below you can find some information about the ship and some images before, during and after Foiltechs’ Job




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Tuesday June 5th, 2018