HULL WRAP ~ Crunchy //

HULL WRAP ~ Crunchy //

HULL WRAP ~ Crunchy //

As you can see in the photos below, the color of the boat is quite faded from its exposure to the sun and the sea. Initially, the owner decided to paint it but he informed about all the advantages and lower cost of “yacht wrapping” and came to Foiltech. A shade of blue close enough to the existing color was chosen.

By preferring the color change film instead of the paint, he gained the protection of his boat’s surfaces from the micro-abrasions and the damage caused by the salt. Except for that, he accomplished significantly reducing its maintenance costs!

The project took place in Volos and was delivered in 1 day. Thank you very much for your trust!

Thank you for your trust!




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Monday February 7th, 2022