Sunbird Corsica // Hull Wrap with design

Sunbird Corsica // Hull Wrap with design

Designed Hull Wrap ~ Sunbird Corsica //

The hull of this yacht was in need of maintenance because of its overexposure and overuse. The owner was in a dilemma since he had already an attractive proposal for painting his yacht. Foiltech made him a more attractive offer in which he couldn’t resist. The initiated colour of the yacht was white and it was decided to change radically its style. Our team wrapped this yacht with wrapping films in shades of red and black, and some details in yellow.

The yacht wrapping was done in Thessaloniki, it was ready in 2 days with ⅓ of the painting’s total cost. View more Projects.

In this case, we would like to thank our friend for believing us and giving us his passion to refresh it.

Below you can find some information about the ship and some images Before – During and after Foiltechs’ Job.



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Sunday August 6th, 2017